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Financial services of tomorrow start from the connected car

Since the first car got off the production line, our world has been revolutionized. Vehicles are acting as an ultimate extension of a mobile device.
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Voice-based in-car systems in finance?

By 2020 90 perc. of passenger cars will have the function of being online. Is there any room of banking here? Market analysis by Maciej Wolański from Comarch
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Comarch presents Myra, conversational in-car investment assistant

Global software and IT specialist Comarch has today presented a prototype of a voice-controlled interface whose job is to let investors keep track of all their wealth without taking their eyes off the road.
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Maciej Wolanski from Comarch on artificial intelligence and banking

See the Fintech Finance interview with our CTO, Maciej.
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Five crazy start-up ideas in FinTech now

FinTech is a buzzword that incorporates a vast array of financial sectors, functions and new ideas that are disrupting the traditional ways in financial services.
Virtual Reality

Comarch Brings Another Level Of Digitalization In Wealth Management

As the world is slowly being captured by digitalization, from physically buying stuff to now just buying everything online, opting for financial services online, is not far behind. Introducing Comarch, a provider of IT and software systems, that is based.
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Wealth Management

Many consumers find financial data dry and unappealing. Allowing them to visualize it could break new ground for wealth management by making it easier to grasp and much more engaging. Virtual reality (VR) plays the first fiddle here.
Virtual Reality

Private banking moves to virtual reality

For now it’s just a prototype. But a wealth management app for virtual reality developed by Comarch offers a technology that brings a promise of revolutionizing user interfaces.
Virtual Reality

The best of the bunch from FinovateSpring

Comarch, all the way from Krakow in Poland, brought a sci-­fi flavour to their demo as their tool adds virtual reality to wealth. With a virtual reality headset and spacey visualisations, the tool looks like a Star Wars fighter pilot’s headset dashboard!
Virtual Reality

Comarch pioneers the use of virtual reality in wealth management

Comarch has launched a prototype of a wealth management app taking advantage of technology never used before in the world of private banking: virtual reality.
Virtual Reality

Finovate Day 2: Big Data Drives Of The Future Of Banking

And just when everyone thought wearables and virtual reality were left out in the cold, one of the last presenters, Comarch, showcased an investment service for high net worth clients that integrates with both.
Virtual Reality

What’s New in Fintech? Latest from Finovate Spring 2016

Virtual reality? Not just for video games…okay, you have my attention. I think this may be a first, Virtual Reality comes to financial services! Comarch gets extra points for trying to be a pioneer in this area.


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