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Object recognition can be applied in various ways in finance. Imagine being able to find houses for sale in the area where you are now - with all necessary information on them, and a loan one tap away. Launch the camera in your smartphone, switch to panorama view, and you will see virtual sale offers attached to real buildings.

In insurance, you can collect photos of thousands of salvage vehicles, and descriptions of accidents together with amounts due to the injured parties, and teach a neural network to automatically evaluate a given claim on the basis of a photo sent over by the driver.

Business advantages

  • New smart channel for your clients
  • Increased sales of mortgages
  • Convenience for the customer

Our approach

As this is a data-driven solution, our data scientists analyze your data and evaluate its business potential, then create a solution that uses the potential best.

We can provide you with either a lightweight solution dedicated to solve your particular pain point, or a full one, encompassing other useful features.

See our products that leverage machine learning for credit scoring:

Comarch Loan Origination
Comarch Loan Origination enables more efficient control of credit risk and allows for a significant reduction of time needed to grant a loan. The system automates the work of client advisors managing the credit-granting process at its every stage.

Comarch Digital Insurance
Comarch Digital Insurance is a system dedicated to insurance agents, brokers or intermediaries. It helps them not only advise on and sell insurance products but also provide post-sales support, manage their tasks and monitor own business performance.

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